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Please check out our new Android apps and new versions of Chess King 2015. We carry all products by the chess software leaders Convekta and Chess King.

The Best Chess Educational Software

Chess King and Chess King Training specializes in Chess Playing Software, Chess Analysis Software, Chess Training Software, Database Management, Tactics and Strategy Training, Game Collections, for PC's and Macs. We sell both physical DVD's for PC's or Macs or downloads.

Since the chess software Chess King first came out in 2011, with our international team of engineers at Chess King, we have created the most easy to use and complete chess software available anywhere. Our latest and best Chess King Software is now at it's 6th generation and compatible with both Windows PC's and Macs.

You will find in our chess software shop the latest Chess King software versions, as well as the whole line of ChessOK - Convekta programs, that are and have long been leaders in the world chess software market. Besides interactive chess software for all levels (beginners, intermediate players, club players, advanced players), we have instructional chess video DVD's, chess books, and chess clocks.

We are actively expanding our chess software into other categories and already have dozens of chess software Android apps available for download. As a rule, all our chess software apps are free downloads which you can thoroughly test, and if you like the material, you can purchase full versions with hundreds if not thousands of exercises. We soon will have a whole category of chess software apps for iOS iPhones and iPads. Our web-based online play chessking.com and chess learning platform Chess King Learn are growing fast.

Don't hesitate to contact Diego or GM Alexandra Kosteniuk to find out which chess software is best for you. Their life-kong experience in software development and in practical play will undoubtedly be able to advise you and give you the best chess software choice.

Types of Chess Software or Chess Training:

Chess Software

Chess Playing Software:

Complete Chess Playing and Analyzing Software like Chess King provides a partner anytime to play chess, at any selectable level you choose, from beginner to master, and after the game will help you improve at chess by analyzing in detail each and every move. Chess King also includes the largest game collection GigaKing and a full opening tree so you can study openings. This is the best chess software to help you get better at chess, on PC or Mac. Suitable for all levels of play.

Chess Software

Chess Analysis Software:

Professional Chess Analysis software like Chess Assistant for PC include a grandmaster level Chess engine like Houdini which will find the best move in every position. Chess Assistant is a leader in professional chess software used by Grandmasters, with all the options possible for analysis. You can get the Houdini 4 version (supports up to 6 cores), or the Houdini 4 Pro version for maximum strength (supports 32 cores).

Chess Software

Chess Training and Educational Software:

Chess Training Software like Chess King (for Windows PC or Mac) or all the Windows PC programs in Peshka interface provide thousands of interactive puzzles and exercises, so you can learn, test yourself, and practice in all areas of chess, openings, middle game (tactics and strategy), and endgames. The software package CT-ART 5.0 which contains 3 courses (CT-ART Mating Combinations, CT-ART 4.0, and CT-ART for Beginners) has been the leader in Windows PC Chess Tactics Training all over the world since it came out.

Chess Software

Chess Chess Database Management:

Database Management included in Chess software is a key element of Complete Chess software packages like Chess King and Chess Assistant. They include huge databases of games (practically all the games worth having from the 16th century to our days) with full opening trees so you can quickly look over hundreds of openings lines and games. But best of all, in these chess software packages, you can create your own database of personal games and analyze them fully, to find openings theory, novelties, mistakes and possible improvements for every chess move. That's one of the key uses of chess software.

Mac Chess Software

Mac Chess Software

Chess King is the only leading complete chess package which includes playing features, analysis functions, educational puzzles, opening tree, and all database functions, in a complete easy-to-use package also for the Mac OS, from OS X 10.7 to Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

Contact Diego or Alexandra Kosteniuk for more info about chess software for PC or Mac.